Lecture ‘The epigenetics of inflammation & innate immune memory’


As a researcher, it is becoming more important to look beyond the borders of your area of expertise. Interdisciplinary collaboration can provide new insights to pressing research questions. With this in mind, the Scientific Research Committee and the departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences organise 'Interdisciplinary Medical & Health Seminars' together. This annual seminar series consists of 10 thematic lectures with attention to complementarity between different research areas and their applications. Both state-of-the-art fundamental (bio)medical research as well as translational and clinical research are discussed.

To ensure that  the lectures are representative for the diversity of research within the faculty, each department chooses one international top speaker.

The biphasic nature of a healthy inflammatory response consists of successive waves of coordinated immune gene activation and attenuation (Bhatt et al. 2012). Complex genetic programmes orchestrate the coordinated transcription of subsets of immune genes, allowing for cycles of pro-inflammation and anti-inflammation to ensue (Medzhitov 2008, Rogatsky and Adelman 2014). However, the molecular mechanisms that underlie these transcriptional programmes remain poorly understood.

  • Guest speaker: Dr. Musa Mhlanga
  • Organiser: Department of Biomolecular Medicine
  • Host: Prof. Elfride De Baere

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Lecture ‘The epigenetics of inflammation & innate immune memory’

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The event is open for master thesis and Honours Programme students, (post)doctoral researchers, professors, clinicians (for physicians accreditation will be requested) and everyone with an interest for fundamental (bio) medical research as well as translational and clinical research.